Keys to tomorrows game...

aggressive, in-your-face perimeter defense.

i'm talkin' blanket d, and not no snuggie. i'm talkin' pyroblanket.

pressure d, no open looks, cause turnovers, win the game.
Don't let up

we had them by 16 last game just learn from previous mistakes
Yeah I was gonna say it's pretty obvious that perimeter defense is probably one of the keys.

Guard against getting beat on the backdoor cut. We got burned by McDowell a bunch of times in Williamsburg.

No stupid fouls with 3 seconds left when you've already trapped a player and the game is tied. :x Still a little sore about how they won that game.

Playing in their house and losing by 1 point, I think we have a pretty good chance of winning on our own floor.
Larry and Joey: Stay focused. Stay focused. The rest of the team will follow your leadership.
A heavy dose of inside the paint post play to go along with a smart defense. An over aggressive defense gets eat up with back door cuts, which absolutely killed us last game.
score more points than them!.....(you know someone was going to do this right?)
if w&m does not hit a high % of threes..they will not beat the Rams. Problem... we give up a lot of good looks from the arc...need to cover the shooters from behind the line. And for the love of god stop giving up so many second chances. Rebound , box out.... keep them off the offensive glass
the X factor(s) are Skeen and Santil, neither of whom W&M has faced yet. Also, Shaver played it coy the first game. He didnt run any of the back door screens in the first half of the seasons first conference game. After halftime, the Tribe had 3-4 back doors that closed the gap and allowed them into the game. Coincidence? Good coaching? We finally adjusted for it but by then the momentum had shifted.
Hard to believe the biggest game of the season (so far ) will be W&M at the STU.

W&M is tough to defend because they shoot so many 3s that you have to get out on them on the perimeter aggressively and overplay a bit, but then once you get out there they streak back door on you for a layup. It's basic basketball, but well executed. I would go a step further and say the key is not just play tough perimeter D, but the guys need to work on fighting through high screens and switching on D if they can't. You can't give a fundamentally sound team that shoots the 3 well an open second or two to set their feet and get a look at the basket coming off a screen. I don't think W&M will kill us off the transition 3 or the dribble & pullup 3 - - they aren't athletic enough to beat us that way. They just kill people off of screens.

Fight through the screens better than last time and put up 75+ points and we win.
Larry can't follow the big man out to the perimeter and leave the paint wide open
The three point shot is a zone killer. Aggressive man to man especially on the perimeter is what is needed. Ed Nixon will be key tomorrow, both offensively and defensively. Of course interior defense is always important. Keep them away from the paint and let them beat us from the arc. If Joey , Ed and Brad play lock down defense on their outside shooters we should be OK.