Kudos to Our Conference!

Nov 2, 2009
As the majority of non-conference play is winding down for our conference, I noticed something interesting. Half of our teams have a Top 100 SOS rank! In fact, even better... all but one of those (Hofstra = 56) have a Top 40 SOS. This would appear to me that our conference (and by our conference, I mean HALF of our conference) is starting to schedule better opponents. The good news is that 4 of those 6 teams have a winning record. I just think this is a good step for our conference that could potential end up equalling multiple bids should the season play out in these teams favor.

P.S. JMU has the 2nd worst SOS in D1 basketball... kick them out! :D
There is an entire board devoted to the rest of our conference on here, no need for these kinds of posts on the VCU BASKETBALL board!!! ;)