Larry Sanders on Hardly Working Today


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Feb 9, 2009
Larry Sanders will be on Hardly Workin' with Greg Burton at 5:20 p.m. this afternoon... that's 950 AM in the Richmond area, for those out of Richmond.
Sometimes said:
About to go on a bike ride. Please provide synopsis. Thanks.

It will be available for download from afterwords. I'll do my best though.
Not really intimidated by the level of competition at the camp

Rozell will be on Larry's summer league team

Larry played on a team with Vasquez, Willie Warren, Jeff Allen. Larry's team undefeated the first day. Defeated Lebron's team twice. Larry guarded Lebron successfully on a game winning shot.
another random tidbit, Larry wears size 18 shoes. dear god.
-Larry also said that he learned a lot from Jay expect some good praises from him next year on VCU and Larry

-Larry likes the billboard of him, but thinks it was photoshopped because he doesn't think his arms are that long :mrgreen:

-Larry was there when the guy dunked on Lebron...said Lebron was coming from the side to help and was only going all the talk is overrated.

-Larry likes coach Smart and thinks they'll be good to go

-Larry says he wants to improve his mid range game
That is just too cool.

Is it time to start practice yet??