Larry Sanders working out with Utah Jazz today (June 9th)


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Apr 19, 2009
The Jazz are doing a pre-draft workout with Larry today along with 5 other players. The Utah Jazz hold the #9 pick in the draft. They also hold the #55 pick of the 2nd round.

Joining Sanders in the workouts will be Georgia Tech's Gani Lawal (who worked out one-on-one against Sanders in their workout with the Indiana Pacers), Kentucky's Patrick Patterson, Utah State's Jared Quayle, California's Jerome Randle (PAC-10 POY), and Ryan Richards from England.

Video of the workout will be available at

Here's a pdf. file that the Jazz have on their website on Sanders:

Larry made the homepage for today's workout along with Gani Lawal (Georgia Tech) and Patrick Patterson (Kentucky).

Virginia Commonwealth forward Larry Sanders has worked out for two other teams with lottery picks -- Indiana (No. 10) and Toronto (No. 13) -- but might have to wait even longer than Patterson to hear his name called on draft night, according to projections.

Sanders, meanwhile, was a college teammate of 2009 Jazz first-round pick Eric Maynor and said Maynor spoke highly of Utah despite being traded in December."They love their Utah Jazz here, so he said it was a great place to play," Sanders said.

Here's the video interview after the workout from