latest warren nolan projection

Apr 20, 2009
here's the latest from warren the wizard. W&M among last 4 in and our Rams among last 4 out. We could certainly be in a worse position. win 2 this week and 3 in the tourney and we are in the big dance - that would give us 24 wins with a very respectable out of conference profile.
i ask this with the utmost respect to those who post his stuff, but what is it with this warren nolan guy? are his guesses only posted here because they are favorable to the rams?

i haven't seen vcu in the last 4 in/out category anywhere else.
I like a little respect for us - - that's good. But we would be crashing the dance if we got in - - wish we had a 7-5 record on the road, or 8-4, instead of 6-6 (we need the JMU and GMU games back), then we'd be in decent shape.
Mistachill said:

Site tracks most of the "bracketologists." Nolan is OK but certainly not a guru.

By the way Lunardi is far from it too.

The site also shows where programs stand in various bracketologists' brackets:

Thus far we are only "in" on one of the so called "reputable" source brackets - that being Crashing the Dance noted in previous post.
Let's just win at least the next 6, finish 25-7, and get a good seed for the big one.
I know no one really wants to hear this, and I will prob get some S*** for posting this, but NIT-ology has us as a 4 seed in the NIT, which would give us another game at the STU. Looking at the teams they have ranked above us, we should definetly be better than a 4, but i guess this will all be null and void when we win 4 in a row come CAA tourney time.
I have no idea about the NIT and home games, unfamiliar I guess. So I have to ask, just in case, if we are a higher seed in the NIT does that assure home game? I mean it's about money so if another team seeded lower could draw more money, wouldnt it make sense for that school to host a home game?
We have been to more Final 4's then VCU in the past 10 years.

Just in the NIT...

And you guys will find out soon enough. You may even be looking for an NIT home game come CAA tourny Friday :idea:
As could the Monarch's. Too many games between now and that Monday night in Richmond. The FAT LADY has yet to warm up, let alone belch an aria! :D
Well, the annual Northeastern fade continues witha big fat home loss to Hofstra (3 of the last 4 with @ Mason on deck)
Half-baked Mcbride said:
Well, the annual Northeastern fade continues witha big fat home loss to Hofstra (3 of the last 4 with @ Mason on deck)

This would put ODU all alone in first place going into our game on Saturday.

A packed house, Gerald Lee's senior night, the last game of the regular season, ODU in first place...this would be the perfect time to get revenge for 2008 at the Stu. :lol: Wouldn't it be nice to sweep the best ODU team in the past 22 years? ;)