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Just a heads up.

Kyle Whelliston talking non-BCS hoops.
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Natty said:
Just a heads up.

Kyle Whelliston talking non-BCS hoops.
someone beat u to the punch...
[Comment From Mat SheltonMat Shelton: ]
Kyle...William and Mary is gettin it done with virtually the same roster that went 10-20 last year. Do they come back to earth this weekend against my beloved VCU Rams?
Friday December 4, 2009 2:28 Mat Shelton

The Mid-Majority:
That's an interesting little game. If VCU's hot defense can nullify the Tribe's improved outside shooting, that should end up as a tempo battle. The Rams have been really pushing the ball up this year, and if they can do that at will, it should be a W.

[Comment From GuestGuest: ]
Have you seen VCU play this year? What are your opinions so far?
Friday December 4, 2009 2:16 Guest

The Mid-Majority:
Only a little bit. They're getting hammered on the boards. If they shoot well and take care of the ball, which they did against Oklahoma, they'll be fine. Defintely not a lock for anything right now.

[Comment From Zach Zach: ]
Can VCU make a case for an at large with the teams they have beaten so far and then if they potentially beat William and Mary and Richmond withing the next week?
Friday December 4, 2009 2:58 Zach

The Mid-Majority:
I love your optimism, but keep in mind that what you're talking about has nothing to do with basketball. You're hoping that your team will impress a bunch of overweight dudes in a hotel room. Here's what I always say: win it on the court. Go to the games and cheer. Success is measured in wins and losses; anything else, you're asking for heartbreak. If you were on the bandwagon in 2008, you know what I'm talking about

AKA JUST WIN (Banana, 2009)
I don't know if I'd call 2008 such a bandwagon year. Gosh more like a heartbreaking year...Almost losing to Towson on Saturday, then losing to W&M Sunday, followed by yet another disappointing NIT showing vs. UAB.

Hey I don't just say it to say it, there's purpose. Don't worry about the "what if's", the RPI, the OOC schedule, the other teams in our conference, etc. JUST WIN!
How can you diagree with VCUBANANA's logic. But for the non-faithful VCU B-Ball fans they usually only pay attention to our record. If we can go, say 10-1, to start the season more people in the Richmond and surrounding area will start to follow the team.

I like the momentum we have and would not mind some bandwagon fans, as long as they buy tickets to games, cheer for us, buy VCU merchandise, and expose their friends and family to VCU. heck it's what the big schools have been doing for years and it helps build their program.
I've been saying just win too but I didnt copyright it. Lets do this thing right.

Beat Indians!!