Liveblog: CAA tournament. VCU vs GMU

Chi-Town signing in.

Can't watch the game, my apartment comlex switched cable providers at the beginning of the month. No longer have comcast. So I can't watch the game on

Tried ordering the game from the CAA Sports website. They don't even have it as an option for the live events. What a waste of 14.95.

I am watching the live gamecast on Down by three at the half. Hoping for a big second half on the offensive end and for our guys to play some shutdown defense.

Lets go RAMS!!
Listening to the game on Rams radio.

Our guys are going to need to man up down the stretch here on the defensive end if VCU is going to advance to the semis.

Giving up way too many anyside baskets.

big big big props to the whole team... but extra props to Larry with the big double-double, and then of course B-Rozz just ripping the roof off that place and ripping the heart out of gunston

great game everybody! great game Larry! great game Brandon!
2 down, 2 to go!!

Huge second half from Brandon and the rest of the crew.

Let's go get ODU tomorrow and keep this tourny run rolling!!