Lorelle Waters


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Apr 20, 2009
His name just popped up on the rivals list. Lot of info on him floating on the internet. Seems like an interesting SG/SF prospect:

http://rivalshoops.rivals.com/viewprosp ... key=102108

January, 2009: Waters is a strong athletic wing player that is beginning to find his offensive game. Athletically he extremely gifted with an outstanding vertical jump and explosion. Waters does a good job driving to the basket as well as scoring in the mid range game. He has to become a solid 3-point and has shown the consistency beyond the arc to keep defenders honest. He is an above the rim finisher does an terrific job in transition. He will thrive in an up tempo system that relies on athletic quick wing players. Defensively, Waters does a solid job on the ball. He uses his size and long arms to keep ball handlers out of the paint. From the help position he anticipates well and does a good job on closing out on shooters. A good talent with exceptional athletic ability. A solid mid-major talent.
http://insider.espn.go.com/ncb/recruiti ... son%3d2010
I've seen this kid play a few times. EVERYBODY calls him "Smoke." He started playing for Boo Williams about midway through the AAU season. This write-up is pretty much dead-on. Athletic wing, needs to improve outside shooting and ball handling.
Interesting looking prospect, but can we really afford any scholarships for 2010 that aren't for kids at least over 6' 6" [and if that small with considerable bulk]?

Am I accurate in my count of 8 guards on the roster next season, all of which return in 2010? If so, don't we have to chase big men like our future life depends on it?

The last and third guard we signed this year suprised me. Not because he probably isn't good, but simply because of the sheer number of guards. Any insight form anyone about red shirting any of next years guards?