Lulane, Bradley, Lee, McCarter Update


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Apr 20, 2009
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Per recruiting expert Justin Young:

Anything new on the recruitment of Florida big man Anthony Lee?

The big news from what I’m hearing out of Florida is that Virginia Commonwealth is out. The big man Eustis is headed to George Mason this weekend. Temple, Nevada, Washington and others are also in the mix with the 6-8 forward.

Cady Lulane visited VCU this past weekend. Any word on how his visit went and when he anticipates making his decision?

Lulane’s visit to VCU went well from what I’ve been told. He’s visiting Georgia this weekend officially. But a whisper that I’m hearing is that UMass is looking like the team to beat. I’d anticipate him signing in the fall and being a big recruit for the Minutemen.

With Boston College now in the mix for Michael Bradley how did that affect the chances of Drake or VCU getting a verbal from him? Are the mid-majors wasting their time?

The mid-majors were there first and they can hang their hat on that. You could argue that Virginia Commonwealth is moving closer to the mid-major that really isn’t a mid-major status. The Rams are selling their CAA to the pros line to the Chattanooga sleeper over and over again. Makes sense, really. But the longer Bradley waits, the more high-majors are going to come in and he’ll have a tough decision to make. He is probably best served going to a good mid-level school, playing early and growing on the court.

What's going on with the recruitment of Reco McCarter out of Goldsboro, N.C.? None of the sites have updated his recruitment in months.

That’s a good question. Reco McCarter is almost a mythical figure for me. I’ve never seen him play. He’s harder to find then a missing sock in the dryer. That being said, I really don’t have a good feel for what he’s thinking.

Almost missed this one:

Who do you envision as UGA’s first commit this year?

That is a tough one. Hard to really pick that one after Lamb, Golden and Ralston Turner all went elsewhere. Clearly landing a two guard is a priority for the Dawgs but the first commit, if I was to guess, could be Miller Grove (Ga.) big man Dante Williams. The 6-9 forward has been to Athens and he could make a return trip in the near future. UAB and Virginia Commonwealth are strong contenders for him right now, too

Wonder why we haven't been involved with Henderson?

What can you tell us about 2010 Virginia big man Josh Henderson? He seems to be a late bloomer and is receiving interest from a few ACC and SEC schools.

I wish I could answer your question better. I haven’t seen him play and in speaking to a lot of coaches, they are still trying to find out more about him. Sorry, I wish I could dive into his situation better.
Not sounding too good on our part

More than likely Basabe will be a Ram with maybe Bradley or McCarter
I wonder what went wrong with Lee. I had assumed that his visit was the one that Norwood had suggested went well via Twitter, but that might not have been the case. Any way, thanks again for sending in your questions and passing along the responses.
I can't find any info on Dante Williams.

Anybody know what percentage of kids complete all their interviews before pulling the trigger?? Seems most know their fit and commit shortly after the visit to their main program of interest. In that sense no news is not good news after a visit.

I think we need to fly Eric back for a few of these interviews. Seemed to help land Mr. Brandenburg. Drive home this whole VCU to NBA thing.
Think he misspelled Donte in the article: ... son%3d2010

May, 2009: Williams is a long, thin, athletic power forward/center that plays with energy. He is a tough competitor that gets after it on the boards and gives his team extra possessions with his ability to offensive rebound. He is a tough competitor that will mix it up down low. His shooting ability is best at close range as he scores most of his points on put backs, dump-offs and in transition. Because of his lateral quickness defensively, he showed he can guard 3 positions from the small forward to the center positions. With some concentration on some perimeter skill development and some time in the weight room Williams could surpass this projection.

Also, kinda good news I guess. Probably means Wake is no longer in the market for a big man: ... itemid=371

Carson Desrosiers committed to play basketball at Wake Forest Univesity this morning. The 6'11" skilled forward will be heading to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to play in the Atlantic Coast Coference (ACC) against the likes of Duke and North Carolina.
Not all is lost. Technically we only have one scholarship to offer next year. We all assume that Larry will leave but you never know.

Also who knows what will happen with recruiting. Bradley may commit to us tomorrow and just like that we are back in business. If we can sign Bradley every thing else is a bonus.
From Young's words thanks to Chill.

You could argue that Virginia Commonwealth is moving closer to the mid-major that really isn’t a mid-major status.

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