Matt Shelton

Apr 20, 2009
Just saw a familiar face on CBS news and it turned out to be Ram Nation's own Matt Shelton. Obviously he was repping a VCU basketball t-shirt while at work. darn that man is dedicated to VCU hoops

*edit* my apologies Mat, I now realize your first name only has one T in it.
hey hey!

Yes know I rep black and gold, even when slingin' the bean. One of our regs is a News 6 anchor...I wish I had caught the segment. Hopefully didn't look too dumb.
Natty said:
...even when slingin' the bean.

As long as you aren't slingin' coke in that VCU tee. After all, the story was about the traces of cocaine found on 90% of US paper currency (which I don't believe).
JacksonWard31 said:
Mat is by far one of my favorite Richmonders!!!

Thanks! I owe you a