Maynor Helps Jazz Top Sixers/Nets

it was only a matter of time... But on another note, seems like SLC folks are really into the jazz cause I never saw summer league coverage in the local news in DC.
cool vid, the commercial before the newscast was for a product named's a small, small universe
The Utah Jazz are the only major league franchise in town.
We do have AAA baseball, and a MLS soccer team, but
the Jazz are the only prime ticket.
People here are passionate about their Jazz.

Remember than in any fan base, especially professional, you are
going to have your homers and your haters. I believe most of Jazz nation
already likes Maynor, and this love will only continue to grow when
the season begins.

He's a 4 year player, so he should see a little more run than
most rookies under Jerry Sloan.
After two games who do you think likes their pick at point guard more, the Sixers or the Jazz. Maynor's teammates just can't finish when he sets them up beautifully, several times players have simply not caught the ball after he's tossed them a perfect pass. They just let it bounce off their hands, it's amazing he has only 2 turnovers in two games all things considered.