Maynor: The example of a stand up Guy

Apr 28, 2009
With all the hoopla about who coming and going it is worth saying thank you to a stand up guy. Thank you Eric Maynor for giving us four years of excellent basketball. Thank you Eric for staying at our beautiful university when you could have left. Thank you Eric for being committed to excellence for four years. Thank you Eric for working hard to achieve your degree. Thank you Eric for representing The Ram Nation the way we wanted to be represented. A lot of player could learn from this example. Eric was not recruited by a lot of schools but....VCU had faith in him...he was not a top ten prospect ...but now he could be top ten NBA draft pick...your committment to VCU has translated into opportunity both off and on the court. If you dont want to be here then go. If you want to stay then stay and be proud of what and who you are associated with. Eric brought us a level of excitment and respectability through the the torch go to Larry I believe he will come to know the rewards of hard work and dedication. Unlike Eric he was not highly sought after..however he is on the cusp of becoming a good NBA prospect....I know most people go after the big name players...but what about the ones beneath the radar...those players that are off the screen...the ones that are raw but overlooked. Eric was that type of player when he got here....he did not give up on this university...I understand Grant had to look out for his family ...but still he was making a good d@$% salary...surley enough to have a good life style.....hey Grant what ever happend to family....what ever happend to happend to the chain around the neck which symbolized a bond that can not and should not be broken....who can argue with money...those who give more money thats who....I gues being a millionare is not like almost being a millionare ....Just like being a pro is not like almost being a pro....The difference is whether you are a pro or a millionare or both ...respect is not something that can be brought or has to be earned and maintained....This is what Eric represents...Soon He willl be rich and will be a pro....Grant is now rich....but does he really have the respect of an Eric Maynor ....I think not...It is just as important that your final acts reflect or mirror what your initial acts where...that my friend is how your earn respect...(WINNERS NEVER QUIT....AND QUITERS NEVER WIN). :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:
SPI-DA1 said:

I've always wondered how this works if the goal of the competition is to quit. Or, like, what if the goal is to get 5th place, not 1st? Just some thoughts...
Sometimes said:
I've always wondered how this works if the goal of the competition is to quit. Or, like, what if the goal is to get 5th place, not 1st?

That's because you're European. :lol: ;)