Maynor to start Friday and Saturday, Williams is out

May 22, 2009
Jazz guard Deron Williams will not be in the lineup on Friday at Philadelphia and could also miss Saturday's game after leaving the team to attend to an undisclosed personal matter.

Tough break if you're in a weekly league, especially when he fought through a back injury in his last one. The good news is that time off could allow him to fully heal, but that's of little consolation at this point. Rookie Eric Maynor is expected to start in his place. Nov. 13 - 10:56 am et
Source: Deseret News ... &hl=121361

The Perfect Storm. We kick off our season, Eric starts tonight and it's Friday 13th.
can i get a heck yeah!!!! ive been dying to see what maynor can when given the start
Awesome! Home game tonight and now hearing Eric's confirmed to have a regular season start shortly after entering the NBA, great opportunity for him. I'll be rooting.
getSmart said:
The Perfect Storm. We kick off our season, Eric starts tonight and it's Friday 13th.

Anyone know if the game will be televised anywhere, and what time it is? it would be awesome to see our Rams blow B-C out of the water (which we now have more than enough of...) and go out to celebrate and watch E kick some Philly tail
I was reeeeaaaaly Hopin' Eric went to Philly on draft night. It would have made my NBA rebirth a little nicer to cheer for the team I grew up loving. So now, here I am...Lover of most things Philly...and a Jazz fan.

who wants to bet J'rue Holliday get's more minutes tonight then Eric????

yea, I thought so :lol:
very winnable game vs the sixers who have barely beaten the nets twice in a week. not a bad matchup for E either as he will be playing against another small guard in Lou Williams. E got this.
Hmmmmm....Cleveland on Saturday night..... 8-) :shock:
Eric has a big game...and they win. Book it.

This lineup actually has some grit. Eric is "Ram tough", I like Boozer and the other rookie Matthews as well.

Watching a bunch of their first 8 games they have looked like one of the softest basketball teams I've seen play. I think this new look may surprise some people...
Eric is good at reading the game and adjusting to it. I remember in so many games he'd take the first half to assess things, involve the team, and then if need be, take over in the second half. He hasn't gotten the minutes to make that kind of adjustment. Tough to play 3 minutes and get into any kind of rhythm. This weekend he gets his chance and he delivers. Book that as well.
Eric will not be taking over any games in the NBA with his offense (IMO)...maybe with his passing and floor generaling.