Recruiting Michael Belle (Espoirs ELITE, Fr)


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Nov 2, 2013
Just wanted to drop what I found bout Michael here, have been hearing about a commit/signing, but feel like here is better for some info while I have these tabs open. Not sure if there's already another thread covering him, but now there's another one.
He's 19 turns 20 in December, and looks to be done in France in May.
Recruiting page.



He's currently playing pro for 2 month (like a playoff team) filled with significantly older guys, looks like the pro team, and I guess sorta like pulled from the under 19 team as a potential sub for april and may. Maybe I'm wrong about this but that's the doubled up years the past 2 years there's little to no stats here in these shown on his info site
You'll notice one thing standing out, though he doesn't currently take a lot of them, his 3pt efficiency has over doubled from last year in the Espoirs to this year in the Espoirs Elite. And averaging 9 rebounds.

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One thing I don't understand is it he's on a pro team, how is he eligible?
Game # 2 - 6/12 3 pointers??? That's crazy! Didnt make a 2 pointer all game...

He is definitely a strong player. Like our chances!
Definitely stats wise an outlier from 3.
I'm wondering if that was an assignment to hit the 3 a lot due to to the opponent being glass protectors. I guess Dijon was destined to get dropped on.