Michael Parker

Jun 17, 2009
I did a site search on this forum and didn't find any prior posts on this one. I apologize if this is a repeat. Couldn't find much else on this kid. I live pretty close to the Miller school. That's two kids from there we've had some interest in. Looks like some high level offers for him. Looks like he only has high level interests.

http://www.roundballrecruiting.com/inde ... g-100.html
Mychal Parker


Mychal Parker, a 6-foot-6 swingman out of Washington, N.C., possesses considerable, yet not elite basketball talent. Scouting services rate Parker between No. 48 and No. 70 among the nation's high school seniors. Several colleges, including Maryland and Virginia, are vying for his services, but he is not the kind of incandescent star to whom college coaches would expect to have obstacles gaining access.

Yet over the past five months, college coaches, AAU team directors and even shoe company representatives came to understand that if they wanted to deal with Parker, they also had to deal with Joe Davis. Davis, a 22-year-old also from Parker's home town, accompanied Parker to nearly all of his camps and tournaments this summer.

Interesting article, but we are not mentioned with the schools recruiting him.
Wow - - I'd stay away from any guy that has a hometown agent as a high schooler - - apparently thinking of himself as elite when no one else does. Seems like a bad vibe.
Yeah, wasn't really interested in having to go through an agent to get a guy. It would be nice to sign one of these guys we have been after soon though. Not actually sign, but get a verbal I guess.
This Parker guy sounds like a real clown. I agree with Finance 2008. Sure would be nice to get a verbal here soon. A couple of weeks ago somebody posted an offhand airplane interview with Coach Rhoades...said to expect some news off the recruitment trail in the next couple of weeks. Can we get an update on that???????
Looking at past history, Myk Brown and Lance Kearse committed at the end of August, Sanders and JRod at the end of September, Eblen mid September, Burgess mid October, Saintil in July (didn't realize he committed that early), Nixon was a late recruit (April).

I guess my point is I have no point. :D The commitments happens when it happens, just have to be patient.
True. I'm sure those kids want to visit the University with all the students there and get a good feel for the campus.. I know I would. A couple of our potentials did say they wanted to schedule visits here. They'd also be able to see practices and get with all the players so it makes sense that a lot of kids wait until September.