Most underrated VCU player ever?


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Feb 12, 2009
Thinkin about that the other day after we talked to Jamal Shuler for a while...

He's a guy who came in behind a STACKED backcourt and played behind great backcourts all the way up to his senior year where he finally got a chance to start.

Senior season - him and Eric
Jr. - BA, JPR, Eric
Soph - Nick George, BA, JPR, and Eric
Freshman - Doles, Nick, BA, JPR, and Alexander Harper

I think he could be one of the best talents we've had to see such limited action...

Who you guys got?
As far as players that basically were not would have to go with Rodney Ashby and Pete Strayhorn. Pete was a terrific player after coming in as a walk on. He was a solid contributor and played significant minutes as a Ram. Watch rodney's game against louisville and you will see what he brought to the floor night in and night out. Rodney was a true competitor.

I guess it depends on how you define underrated. I would take Phil Stinnie any day of the week. he was from charlottesville and not heavily recruited. played with some very talented players in chris cheeks and derek thompkins. Phil could do it all. Very gifted athletically and also very smart. Phil got the most out of his ability and was a terrific team player. I would love to have another one like him.
wavevcu said:
I guess it depends on how you define underrated.

By my own definition of "underrated," I vote for Kenny Jones, the bruising, 6-11 center on VCU's first NCAAA qualifier in 1980. Kenny was so excited after VCU defeated UAB for the Sun Belt title and an NCAA bid, he refused to take his Rams' uniform off ... and wore it all the way back to the hotel.

Jones was the NBA Milwaukee Bucks fifth round draft pick in '80.

From Prince Edward County High, near Farmville, Jones transferred to VCU from tiny Lincoln Memorial, Tenn., where he was coached by an ex Ram, L.J. Kilby.

Jones went on to found Prestige Construction, has advertised on VCU radio broadcasts, and is a regular at Rams' games. Yes, he's that huge fellow you don't want to sit behind - just a few rows behind the team's bench.

All in all, a great Ram - but one many never speak of, or have even heard of.

It's interesting that two of VCU's best big men, Jones and Ren Watson, were both born in the Farmville hospital.
Howie Robertson back up point guard to Dave Edwards from Queens, NY. He could handle the rock shoot, drive and play the point or SG. He played like the great Edmound Sherod. Dave Edwards was a better defender and ball handler thus he started.
This may sound odd, but I'm going with Edmund Sherod. I think as time moves on people are forgetting (or never knew) just how good this guy was. With Duncan, Warren, and Maynor following him and Henderson (with his number hanging from the rafters and his NBA championships) coming before him, Sherod kinda gets lost in the mix. I'm assuming his number isn't hanging from the rafters because he didn't graduate (not sure about that). Also Duncan, Warren, Henderson, and Maynor (obviously) have been much more visible than Sherod.

I think we're getting to the point where Sherod may be entering that underrated zone.
ramathon74 said:
Tom Motley

If not the most underrated, The Mot was surely among the top overachievers.

Out of Danville, the stout, 6-5 forward was unsigned until coach Chuck Noe spotted him in the Virginia High School League Coaches Association all-star game in Salem - the summer after his senior year.

Given a chance, Motley accumulated 1,180 points and 695 boards in just 94 career games, shooting .479 from the floor. Motley's 12.6 career scoring average is better than 11 other members of VCU's 1,000 point club. For a while, Tom coached at Armstrong High but I don't know of his whereabouts now.

Mistachill said:
This may sound odd, but I'm going with Edmund Sherod..

Can't agree with you about underrated, since Easy Ed is in the VCU Athletic Hall of Fame. You are likely correct that his number hasn't been retired due to lack of diploma. Still, sheepskin or not, he is the girls basketball coach at one of the most prestigious schools (in terms of academic reputation and demographics) in Virginia - St. Catherine's. You've got to see the swank St. Cathy facilities to believe them - almost like a country club.

Ed, with a surprisingly low 11.7 scoring average for 113 games, was Dana Kirk's very first recruit, in a freshman class that also included Danny Kottak from Louisville and Penny Elliott from Tampa.
I agree with the players posted and I'll offer a couple of others:

Tyron McCoy
Patrick Lee
Danny Kottak
Sherron Mills
McCoy and Mills are great picks. I think I'd go with Mills. The guy turned into a terrific player and, with the current number of NBA teams, would have been a first round draft pick (29th overall). After Kendrick went down for the year during Mills' senior season, Mills was just terrific.

P.S. I remember Kenny Jones wearing the uniform in the hotel. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure he was with us when we accidently knocked on what was believed to be the door of Gene Bartow's room. :lol: ;)
ramathon74 said:
Tom Motley

I was going to say Bruce Pettway or Richard "Dickie Red" Jones, but Tom Motley is certainly an excellent choice.

throwback say what?!