NBA Finals, Potential Match Ups


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Feb 20, 2009
I don't know if I would call that Pistons squad a bunch of nobodies
A bunch of nobodies??? Ben Wallace, Chauncey Billups, Rip Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace. Thats a good lineup right there, there is a reason they went to the Eastern conference finals every year. The Lakers had hall of famers, but Kobe and Shaq were the only ones that you listed to be in their prime. Malone, Payton, and Rick Fox were old news. Personally I think the Nuggets play better without Carmelo in the game. Either way the Cavs are going to be eliminated and the Lakers have home court advantage still.
I wouldn't say they were nobodies, but they definately weren't flashy either. At the time I think that most fans considered them all good players, but they turned out to be a great team. Most didn't give them a snowballs chance to beat the 2004 Lakers though, and they ended up taking them down 4-1. As a fan of that Pistons team (mostly a Ben Wallace fan) I would love to see the Cavs and Nuggets in the finals, but at this point that does not appear to be likely. No matter how the series with LA plays out Chauncey Billups has turned things around for the Nuggets and showed once again just how good he is. Gotta say that trade for AI didn't exactly pan out for the Pistons. Not sure what they were thinking on that one.
Lamar Odom actually played like his body pumped testosterone last night