NBADraft.Net: Larry Sanders Interview


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Feb 9, 2009

Akron, Ohio - Following the second college workout at day 2 of the LeBron James Skills Academy, we had a chance to sit down with VCU PF/C, Larry Sanders. After a short and unheralded high school career, Sanders has quickly gained recognition in college for his rebounding and shot-blocking ability. At 217 lbs, he's still filling out his 6'10" frame, but his 7'6" wingspan makes him a presence in the lane. Sanders looked impressive through the first two instructional sessions, showing good hands and quick feet for a post player. He shows improved form on his jump shot, but he must become more consistent from 15 foot range. Sanders is still quite raw, but his first summer at major camps like the LBJ should help tremendously with his development.
When will they be interviewing the big, slow Danish guy from ODU?
Nice interview.

Larry's such a likable guy, if he can put together the season we all think he can... he is going to be a favorite of NBA GMs.

There's a great opportunity for our other guys as well...Tons of attention paid to VCU from NBA Scouts over the past two seasons.
Nice picture of Monroe playing Gerald Lee style defense
Couple things I noticed in that:
E was in Larry's ear about keeping the teammates involved, I like that.
There is already a countdown to the 2010 nba draft... :shock:
The picture they used has ol' green n gold 32 staring up like 'oh crap, he scored on me again'.