NCAA Expanding to 96 Teams?

Wow, this sucks. SUCKS. Sure, it would be nice to make the tourney every year, but who really cares anymore, if teams like DePaul, Eastern Michigan and Marshall have the same opportunity? Never knowing if you're going to make it adds a certain level of excitement and anxiety to watching VCU basketball. With 96 teams, there would be no excuse for us not to make the tourney, but it would also make those big games a little less so, and those "meh" games pretty "yawn." Besides, there's really no way a #1 or #2 seed is really going to lost to any high seed teams, especially after having a first round bye. The way I understand it (I could be wrong) is essentially the top 32 teams (likely all Big ten, Big XII, Big East and ACC teams) would sit the first round and every other teams, even automatic qualifiers, would play an extra game just to get into the original field of 64-65. Lame...