Netherlands told to bring own condoms to World Cup

Mar 10, 2009
Dutch fans have been told to bring their own condoms when they travel to South Africa for the World Cup next year.

The Netherlands were one of the first nations to qualify for the showpiece tournament and preparations started early as to make their estimated 12 000 fans’ trip as hassle free as possible.

Now, with a reported shortage of condoms in South Africa, Netherlands' State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport, Mariette Bussemaker, has told her countrymen to make extra provision.

“I was told by South Africans about possible shortage of condoms. It’s not my idea. I was told by the organisation of reproductive rights in Cape Town about prevention of HIV/Aids,” she says.

“They told me that it might be one of the problems during the World Cup. I think it was a good suggestion for supporters to bring their own condoms. If you think you might need them bring your own because there might be a risk of HIV.”

Ok Sometimes...this should make for an interesting conversation.