Nevada this!

Armon Johnson was the guy guarding Maynor in our game. I believe he was WAC defensive POY.
Didnt do that good of a job haha didnt Maynor drop 28 that night?
It is really a shame that they made that last FT since Joey ended up making a 3/4 court shot that didn't even matter. Likely would have been all of the the news and SC if it had been for a win or tie. As it happened they didn't even show that shot on the news the next day.
In a game of points where every point matters, they beat us. It really is sad that a member of their basketball team would do something like that. Goes to show that every player on a college team that gets that much publicity should realize that they are ambassadors to the sport and also the school at which they play at.
It's always sad when anyone misuses a gun. It is especially terrible when a young basketball player with a bright future is involved. I am glad only one player is involved.
Although the article states that Ahyaro Phillips was from New Orleans he actually played ball at I believe Douglas Freeman High School. He relocated to Richmond after his family was affected by Hurrican Katrina. Sad news!