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Nov 2, 2013
Be it, the G League, The Association, Overseas, and/or The NFL MLB, coaching, anywhere their professional life takes them.
It would be kinda cool if we could find out info about these RaM alumni grads/GOATS all in one place.
It's convenient.. and it's a dream, LOL...
So why not kick something like this off with 2nite's segment on Treveon Graham and Briante Weber, both currently on the Hornets team together, a first in VCU history. here's 2nite's coverage from WWBT12.

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It turns out that one of the most intriguing draft prospects for 2017 isn't a draft prospect at all.

Virginia Commonwealth basketball player Mo Alie-Cox, who is transitioning to football as a tight end, is actually not draft eligible.

An NFL spokesman confirmed that Alie-Cox was "eligible for the 2016 NFL Draft and has remained a free agent since the conclusion of that draft." Therefore, he won't be in the 2017 draft -- and can sign immediately.

All of which makes Alie-Cox's noon workout Tuesday at Sports Reality Performance in Richmond, Virginia, more intriguing.


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The PIT's pages take SO much time glorifying former participants but will not reply to requests about coverage/streams for tonight's game, does anyone know when/how/where it can be seen if not in person????
at least 20 people asking me out here where to watch JQ in the PIT and nothing to tell them... frustrated... 2 days and no replies from their pages.