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Me Too. That will lead to more minutes. Which should lead to an NBA K with guaranteed money.

12,6, 2 assists. Not bad shot 3-5 overall, 1-3 from deep, and 5-5 from the line. Two very good nights for a 2way guy.
Yeah, they have a while to make up their mind on Vince so won't have a guaranteed for a while by the looks of it.

The only correct answer is Vanellope von Schweetz....

I know what you're gonna say random RamNation poster..."Well, canonically she isn't actually a Disney Princess"
I would respectfully counter with "SHUT UP NERD!!" and then yell "I'M GONNA WRECK IT" and then shove you into the nearest middle school locker and walk away and play some Sugar Rush or Pancake/Milkshake...
In between kitty Sunday duties, we watched the Colts/Titans game, went into OT and there were a few rather remarkable Colts plays we were able to catch that led to a pretty crazy nice win for Mo and The Colts. I came inside in between kitty duty rounds to catch the very ending. The ending was rather clutch. I did cheer in my best (sorta OK) Mo voice, "Roaaaaad Killll!!!!!!!"