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You just never get tired of seeing some things!


Beloved Ram JeQuan, That Lewis Kid (!) leads his team to the Eurocup finals (for the first time for this team)!
Him and them, last night after sealing the deal:

A few questions/notes:

Is the final that they each play at each others' homes?

How do we get a stream of these game(s) April 9th and 12th?

And pretty cool that this team's logo is That Lewis Kids' initials!

Does anyone have a line on where to stream the rest of this eurocup game?

A clip on FB:
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MAN I hope he's safe right now.
Wiki has him listed as with Ironi Kiryat Ata of Israel, who have a game scheduled April 14. As is expected, airspace is closed over the entire region.
He didn't show up on the box score at all for the 4/6 game, so it's possible he's not in country. Israel's building code requires bomb shelters in almost every building which would help a lot in the type of attack Iran's launching at the moment, but this is still a very scary situation.