NFL Playoffs

Feb 22, 2009
Man, how bad do the NFC probable "top seeds" suck now? The Saint's and the Vikings have 5 straight losses (I think) between them. Neither one will represent the NFC in the Superbowl IMO...look out for the Eagles or the Cowboys to make a run.

In the AFC I like the Chargers. They have 9 straight wins while Indy is busy breaking their momentum by treating their starters like fragile primadonnas and pulling them from games early.

My prediction...

Chargers -vs- Cowboys in the Superbowl.
gonna pick a winner of that game?

I think the NFC as a whole is stinking it up, but so are the Colts. I think resting their players will get them out of their rhythm. You could see them lose right after the wildcard round. Eagles D took a blow, and could struggle. Cardinals just don't have a consistent team, offense or defense. They COULD go on a run and take the NFC, or lose in the wild cards. You never know what you're going to get with them. Dallas is looking quite good lately and this typically bodes well going into the playoffs. I think the NFC games will be a blast this year. I expect SD and Indy to roll to the AFC game, despite Indy's little stumble. They're almost too talented not to make it, even though a San Diego/Patriots match-up could be pretty close. I think Indy will get it together and make the big game, and the crap shoot in the NFC I'll take Dallas. I'd take the Colts in that game, just because I have family in Indy. I think it would be a great game to watch!
I'd like to see the Eagles find their way into the Supebowl...then somehow Mike Vick gets like 3 freak TDs (say, short run to start off the scoring, long run for a TD, then a bomb TD)...and see if they hand him the MVP trophy, or if the Disney cameras find him after the game.

Either way, I love the NFC storylines...1) Favre's Vikings...2) Eagles with Vick...3) Saints, the whole New Orleans love fest...or possibly 4) Romo and "America's team"...or maybe even a Cardinals return trip (nothing fun about the Packers gettin in)

On the AFC side...gimme either Brady or Manning, but preferably 8-5 and the Bengals.

Who I think will make it though...Saints v. Colts
The Titans will be playing golf!
I like the Bengals and Vikings. Both teams are fun to watch. Very unlikely either of them make the Super Bowl but I can still hope.

My official pick is:
Chargers 33 Eagles 28
I wish the Cowboys weren't play PHI again. Beating a team three times in a year (and twice in one week) is tough.