No Love?

Apr 29, 2009
Anyone see anything on ESPN or anything? I watched ESPN news for an hour and nothing....I thought this "upset" would be atleast worth mentioning...
I watched ESPN, ESPN2, and even ESPNU and didn't see a darn thing other than the score on the ticker. :evil:
I'm surprised, but at the same time, not surprised. No love for the Rams....
every freaking thing I saw was fooseball. :evil: :evil: :evil:
and UK beating Rider I believe it was. four letter network with the four letter fail.
noticed the same thing... lots of coverage-time eaten up by the BCS football unbeatens, football rivalry week stuff, some Weiz/Notre Dame chatter, some NBA, and a lil' bit of NASCAR... the only NCAA basketball coverage I saw was a smaill blip of Kentucky's game ...kinda lame
I was going to post the same thing.
No love for any college bball this weekend.
If a mid-major football team beat the 17th ranked team in the season today it would have been all over SportsCenter.

I Tivo'd a few sportscenters and no mention of the VCU game - yet there was about 10+ minutes on Weis and Notre Dame on every show. I saw a blurb about the game on's/Men's bball page, but it was gone the next morning. WTF
I tuned in to ESPN Sports Center and watched the entire show with no mention of our game. Because of OU's ranking, I thought for sure they would have had some highlights. Isn't MASN considered a regional ESPN of sorts? LAME!!!
Yeah, no one gives a you know what about basketball until after the bowl games. It is what it is and I guess people consider an expected football game outcome more exciting than an unexpected basketball game outcome, go figure. :roll:
There wasnt even live stats for the game on their site. I was trying to check it via the phone and nothing as far as stats and got nothing, not even close to a live score either. I dont know if there was a data failure from VCU or what, but it seems like ESPN was just ignoring the game, lol. I had driven all the way home after the game back up to Woodbridge (1 1/2 hours) and still no box score, it wasnt until after midnight that a box score was up.
The Rams were barely on the side headlines on ESPN's website under the college basketball section.
well some games are on espn2 tonight and college basketball final is sandwiched inbetween some of them you might see something about the game on that show tongiht but who knows.
welcome to the real world
This IS football season
NFL, college, and HS playoffs
nothing else is newsworthy