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Feb 10, 2009
Looks like that is a subscription only site. Oh well, there are probably more NU fans on here talking basketball then there are on there any way. Game time will be here soon enough.
Another example of why VCU Ram Nation is superior to other forums.
by ram4life on Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:44 pm
Another example of why VCU Ram Nation is superior to other forums.

You nailed it. And don't think recruits with interest in VCU aren't watching our threads. Anyone with a casual interest in our program who reads these threads will find in-depth information, passion and honesty. I wear black and gold, but I don't drink cool-aid, nor do the majority who post here.

We are a very good program that continues it's momentum to becoming an excellent program. We have an excellent school [major academic opportunities--great location, unless you long for a campus next to grazing cattle, or small/private--both fine options, but not our intent to compete with], very good facilities and a growing number of highly educated BB fans.

VCU is a place a 4 star can go to the NBA, and a 3 star can find out if he is as good as he thinks he is...all while leaving their peronal fingerprints on a progam yet to reach it's potential. Ramtasitc!
Agreed. Reco and Rob both read these forums.

plus now we know Joey does too. :lol:
Just so you know DHD is exceptionally informative. It also has a magazine that comes few months packed with info you wouldn't normally get on the boards. I know for me as an NU fan DHD is a huge part of my NU fan hood.
yes, but RamNation is a free message board with the OPTION to buy the supercool DVD... DHD would be nice if they followed suit... free message board, OPTION to buy the mag.
I don't mind it not being free..keeps the idiots away

but they could atleast make it Read only unless you pay
I thought there was another forum outside of the Zone that NU used - - I remember going to it once or twice last year and I am sure there was no fee.