Official will Larry Stay or Go Thread

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vcubanana said:
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I did not start this thread with any ill intent. I started it because we frequently discuss the possibility of Larry leaving. Now that we have three incoming players for 2010-11 season with only two schollies it is becoming more apparent that Larry might leave. So lets have an honest discussion about this possibility.

I mean when if ever has a VCU player left school early for the draft?? Very big deal IMO
Let me apologize for the way I stated my last post. The only thing I don't understand is why you would even want to talk about Larry leaving early. We want him here (No matter how many 3s he takes) for as long as possible. That's all, my bad.
I don't think anything is apparentl. I'm sure Larry doesn't even know whether he's leaving yet and he won't know before the end of the season.
If I were him, I would go. Learn on the job while getting paid fat cash.

It won't be all that bad....when was the last time any CAA school had back to back NBA first round picks. There are a lot of BCS schools that can't make that claim. It's not as appealing as saying, "Well, we had two guys in the NBA out of 3 years." If you are going to lose a guy early might as well have something good/catchy to talk about to recruits etc.

Someone who has more time can look that up....I think 50% or more BCS schools haven't had back to back NBA first round picks. Look at it from the bright side baby! :D
if you're good the NBA will find you no matter where you play . Sure, having lst round picks from your school is good for recruiting ; but , if a team or school is a consistent winner in conference play and goes deeper in the ncaa tournament it seems recruiting is helped much more because then the school/team is more prominent on the national stage and in the minds of up and coming players. So, after that long and twisted sentence I think Sanders should stay and get stronger, develop his game, and leadership skills. If he takes his team deeper in the NCAA tournament he'll be drafted much higher . Either way he'll make money , why not stay and help put the program on the national stage ?
It's nice to say you had players drafted in the first round of the NBA two years straight, but what VCU needs more than that is to make it to the Sweet 16. Making it to the Sweet 16 will do more for VCU than anything else. Our best shot to accomplish that would be for Larry to come back for his senior year. BCS schools are not going to play VCU becuase of who we had drafted by the NBA. We have to go deeper in the NCAA's for that to be accomplished. It has worked for Gonzaga and Butler.

Regarding all the hype over two first round draft picks. What has VCU gotten in return? One NCAA win over Duke several years ago and no guarantee we will be going to the big dance this year. This is hard for many on these boards to accept, but these first round draft picks have not taken VCU to the next level. That's not taking anything away from Eric Maynor's success at VCU, it's just a fact regarding team success. JD Barnett's teams had far more success in the NCAA's without first round draft picks. I'll take team success over individual success any day.
I wonder how much $$ the conference gets for a first round win, second win, etc.... in this years tourney
I agree. NCAA tournament success trumps NBA draft picks head-to-head. Together though, they make for a formidable recruiting pitch. There have been players on mediocre teams that have been first round draft picks (ex. Jason Thompson from Rider-12th pick 2 years ago from a Rider team that played in the CBI). NCAA tournament success means your program is successful, not just individual players. Hopefully we can have both with Larry this year and next year before he is drafted into the NBA.
prchdalaw said:
If I were him, I would go. Learn on the job while getting paid fat cash.

It won't be all that bad....

Exactly. Greg Oden is a perfect example of taking advantage of your oppurtunity. If Oden had gotten injured his Sophomore year....he's definitely losing many millions. Even if Oden never plays again he's still set for life and that "all important diploma" is still obtainable from OSU. I hate the getting your degree argument because we all went to school to get a career...the NBA is their career so why wait. In Larry's particular situation though, it might be monetarily worth it to most into the top 5, but a risk no less. I will definitely agree that Larry's game (and VCU's program) would benefit from playing his senior year as it seems like you don't do much learning in the NBA but he's gotta look out for #1 and if I were him, its not worth the risk, I'll take the money now and hope I land into a situation where I can learn.
oh yeah I remember the day Goldman Sachs came to my micro econ class and said ..let's go're dont need a stinking diploma...LOL...seriously, if you stay suppose you get hurt? Can the family afford a Lloyd's of London insurance policy? Can a student athlete borrow money based on that policy and or future performance (i.e. nba lottery money)to pay such a policy? I am interested on the ncaa take on this for sure...anyone?
From what I understand the policy is contingent upon getting a contract, where in a percentage of the contract then goes to the insurer deoending on the amount of the policy.
I'm curious to hear where people see him going after this season is wrapped up.

As of right now, I love the guy but I don't think he's had a season that warrants lottery pick status. I don't think he's showed enough of a post game to get there when the "REAL" draft happens.

That said, there's a ton of season to be played (not to mention the NBA drafts almost exclusively on "potential" it seems)...and he could finish strong and make it really hard to return.

IF HE STAYS...Larry and VCU would be set up to absolutely dominate next year. Possibly VCU's best team ever? Losing KP and TJ is tough...but you return all your starters...3 of which will have started the previous 2 years (Brad, Joey, Larry). Add to that some SERIOUS CAA departures in Gerald Leigh, Charles Jenkins, nearly all of Northeastern and William and Mary. Not sure what kind of OOC games we have lined up, but I know a tougher team in UofR loses Gonzalvez and Butler (never fun). So he could be a dominant senior much like Maynor was...and who knows...might go from Lottery or late first round to top 10...maybe even 5 status. You never know.
I believe Jenkins is a Jr. this year, but I agree with everything else you said. With or without Larry I think VCU and GMU will be the favorites next year. With that said, I haven't written off this year yet. The climb to the top starts tonight!