oklahoma or alabama

Is alabama for sure happening next year? if so...FBAMA
It took 'til Capel's 3rd year in Oklahoma before we were scheduled to play them...I would doubt the Alabama game would be in season 1 of Grant's departure - - will probably be 2-3 years down the road. That said, I don't have any info on the OOC schedule like some here might.
Pretty sure UA isn't happening this year, but between the two, Alabama.
I have to go with Alabama. I'm definitely looking forward to having Capel walk into a thunderous Siegel Center, but Coach Grant leaving us is still very much fresh in the mind. Not to mention Grant trying to take Sanders leaves bitter feelings. Not to mention taking Eblen.
Bring on Alabama! I have lost all respect for Grant. It is sad because I had a lot of respect for him. But some times it takes time for true colors to come out. In Grant's case it took three years.
Man...I tell you what, as someone who covers the games...it will be VERY weird seeing Coach Grant walk into the Terry Sisisky media room as the "opposing Coach" after the game. Having sat a couple feet from him game after game I definitely think it will sting a bit to see him with a scarlet tie on (unless we destroy them).

With that, I was never a big fan of Capel...so I'd say I'm more looking forward to that one. Get the chance to take out a team who was recently ranked #1 in the nation (I believe)...and they have star guard Willie Warren. So, definitely think I could have more fun at that game than seeing a Coach I really liked heading up another team.
feh, there isnt any doubt in my mind that Capel tried to talk to Eric about going to Oklahoma. I'd be willing to bet if the team didn't find out about Capel on leaving via ESPN it might have happened. I'm sure all coaches do it, but I will cheer Capel next season not sure about Grant though.
Eric was never going to oklahoma and jeff did not try and persuade him to do that...Jeff knew that if he went anywhere it would be an ACC school. Eric told me that himself...he never mentioned anything about possibly going to OU. Jeff doesn't steal players away from other schools...he is above that...our former coach is not...Jeff has a lot more class and dignity than anthony grant will ever have. I spoke to Jeff for a couple of minutes after our game against OU this year. He was very cordial and we gave each other a hug. We wished each other a merry Christmas. I said 'I'll see you next year." - he said yea..."that's going to be really weird."
All i can say is that there are going to be a lot of expectations put on Grant in his first year...do not be fooled. This school is hard up to win. I believe if he does not start to produce by the second year they will be on him faster than a dragster to the finish line. If and when we play them I hope we destroy them.I would like to play both OU and Bama but I woul like to play Bama more. They dont have anything right now. I thought more of Grant than to bring Eblen to Bama. But hey that is the nature of the beast. We are going to be fine. The core group is going to be on a mission to show their worth. Go VCU!!!!!! :D :D
When JC3 returns to the Stu there will be a lusty vocal full house. Because of the mutual respect between VCU and our ex coach I think it will be a very emotional evening for all concerned. I know Jeff will receive a thunderous welcome, but the hospitality will end there. I expect T.J. to have a monster game. I expect VCU to win out in a close hard fought game.

I think there are a lot of raw nerves over the Coach Grant thing. Everyone thought he was so above the seamier side of college BB. Wrong! I could see the possibility of an Alabama game at the Stu turning ugly.

For these reasons I believe an OU game would be more anticipated and exciting to watch. At least for now and in the near future.
I can only hope that if Grant does return to the Stu, he does so the year after next and that Larry is still around. I would love to see the Colonel put up a 20-20 game against him.
Yeah, I think the drama of the Alabama series depends on Larry still being on the team or not. If we start the series next year and they come to the stu to play next year and Larry is still around that will be a big deal. I would really like the series to start this coming up year though so Larry gets at least one crack at them. I am sure Grant will try to push it back a few years though. I don't think it is any coincidence that the OK series started when they had the Player of the Year on their team.