Orlando Intro Music

Mar 7, 2009
... is the same thing VCU used last season.

Sorry if this is old news, but I found it quite funny.
yeah the first time I saw the celtics intro i was like :oops: :oops:
Think Maynor's yell was a little more beasty than Garnett's was.
Herndon said:
I'm pretty sure this is from the soundtrack of an old Darren Aronofsky movie.

Yeah 'Summer Overture' was on the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack
Pavarotti said:
On a side note, ODU liked it so much they made their own version:
You are the man Pav. This is the first time I have missed having ODU posters around. I am sure some will see it though. Although I am a big fan of FODU and FUR I like the thought out stuff as well. Save that for rilvary week and post it on the zone.
So I've been listening to which movie trailer themes would work well to rip off for VCU basketball intros and thought I'd resurrect this thread.

I can't remember where it's from originally, but the music from about 1:31 on of this trailer for Sherlock Holmes would make for a good highlight real video, plus it would sound good with the pep band.


Side note- I think this Sherlock Holmes movie looks pretty funny.