OSNA Guard Still Available Still Unsigned


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Apr 20, 2009

Moquete is a tough competitor, who gave enough space for Chris Hampton to free lance when needed. Rayner was the stable backcourt player, making sure the ball was distributed effectively.

He valued each possession and usually made the right decision when he had the rock in his hands.

Currently, he is still unsigned.

From July 2008

http://www.hoopgroup.com/hoopgroup/blog ... s=bracetti

Rayner Moquette ‘09, Our Savior New American: Davidson, Virginia Commonwealth, Princeton, Holy Cross, Manhattan, NJIT, and Bucknell

Offers: None, but said that Davidson and VCU contacting him the most and are “about to” offer him a scholarship

Favorites: Virginia Commonwealth and Davidson

Note- has a “3.5″ GPA

Just FYI. Doesn't appear that we're in the mix anymore, perhaps we fell off when Eblen signed.
getSmart said:

How about Ovie Soko. Scouts.com rates him pretty high and he is a 6'8" combo forward unsigned from the state of VA.

That would be a nice pickup

Man this would be a very good aquisition :mrgreen: :mrgreen: any one know if we are persuing him?
Rayner Moquette is definitely more of a two than a 1, but seems to have solid upside.

Soko is much more intriguing while we have good wing players if we can put some bulk on soko and work on his post game he coule develop into a very intriguing 4 prospect.
another question on Soko. some places said that he verballed to liberty in march. did he back out of that and never sign a LOI?
Didn't the Liberty coach leave for an assistant job under Bennett at UVA? That would have released him from LOI.
http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/recruitin ... ge=commits

here's a list of current Liberty signees and Soko is not on there. Also, for what it's worth, Liberty already has 13 scholarship players.

From everything I have read he committed in March and LU's coach, McKay quit soon after, following the loss of Curry when he transfered to Duke.

Soko changed his mind shortly after and does not show as being signed/committed to a school. Wonder if he is considering prep school or just waiting for someone like VCU to steal him?
Seems like a decent project-type who is definately off the radar. Smart's RTD comments definately make you wonder if we're done, with only Theus and Daniels (and Skeen and Gavin) in the fold. It make's sense to hold a schollie for next year if Coach Smart is the recruiter he's made out to be. Give him a chance to get established and really work on a couple 3-4 star types.
well even if smart goes after another prospect he will definitely have two next year to recruit with since kirill and tj are seniors and if larry goes he would have 3, but i for one think it is in larry's long term interest to stay for all 4. that said if he is a lottery pick then i think he will leave.
We're in a Catch-22 with Larry

A) He shows massive improvements and dominates the CAA........gone

B) He doesn't play up to his potential and falls down the draft......not gone, but chances are our season suffers.

Either way...we're still gonna need some bigs AND at least 1 true PG if Theus isn't a long term answer by 2010.
agree 100% that larry will be the key to our success, but i think with the 4 new players we have added we have the ability to spread the burden more than most people think. Theus and Gavin should have impact early w Daniels and Skeen (after eligible) contributing more later.

The sad thing about the NBA though is that larry because of his size doesnt even need to dominate to be told he is a lottery pick. If he turns the 11 and 8.5 from last year into 15 and 10 w the 3 blocks staying static he would be a lotto pick. that said next year's draft looks like it could be stacked.
I think it would be good to sign a 3rd player this year, if a quality player is still available and meets the teams needs. The only concern I had about coach Grant was that he signed 6 Freashman his first recruiting year. When they all graduate you practically have to rebuild the next year.

Three players a year would give a good blend of Freshman and upper classmen. I know this is probably wishful thinkning since players transfer and in our case lately have a chance to go pro. But looking ahead Joey, Larry (if he stays), Brandon, Jamie, and Ed all graduate in two years (2011). It would be nice to have a good blend of experienced players able to fill in after they leave, including three freshman this year that would be Juniors (2011-12) after the FAB FIVE exit.