OT: Charles Barkley Quotes

Apr 21, 2009

Not too off-topic as he is a contributor to VCU basketball, at least in the past.

Charles on the importance of getting your education.

- This is a story from the senior producer from TNT who has a blog on NBA.com.
One time an intern was studying very earnestly for an exam she was about to take. Chuck took one look and said "Whatcha doing?"The reply came, "I'm studying for a big math exam." To which Chuck said, "Only two numbers ya gotta worry about baby -- 20 and 10 -- 20 points and 10 rebounds. That's what got me through college." That's gangsta! Also check out when Chuck met a TNT boss...too much!

- "I hope a lot of these young kids look at [Dwayne Wade], who went to college. Everybody is in such a hurry. Hey, the money is not going anywhere... and if you go to the right college, you can get paid there... Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee"

Many more in the link, you'll laugh outloud, so be careful at work.