OT: The sky is falling on Jeff Capel


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Feb 12, 2009
Two games against non-BCS schools (us and San Diego)....two blowouts.

I think it's going to be a loooooong year for the Sooners. And expect quotes like these...

Unbelievably bad. So much talent, but no cohesiveness.

Look, I love Capel as much as the next guy, but at what point do we start to examine the coaching vs.just being a great recruiter?

And yes--it is early. Very early. But right now, this team looks terrible. No semblance of offense, no semblance of defense. Bad, bad, bad.

To pile up by the end of the season.
meh, Jeff will have the Sooner Schooner righted soon enough. If not he can just gas up the van.

In all seriousness than team has a ton of talent, size and athleticism. He just needs to find the right combination and push the right buttons (if it was only so easy).
They are getting crushed by Houston right now with about 3 minutes to play... that's 3 straight losses to non-BCS schools.

They are killing our RPI right now.
Natty said:
They are getting crushed by Houston right now with about 3 minutes to play... that's 3 straight losses to non-BCS schools.

They are killing our RPI right now.
darn, they were up by 10 or 15 when I checked it earlier. We still beat the #17 team in the nation which was coached by our former coach, but Nevada might be the toughest team we have played so far this year.
Jeff will make an assessment, make adjustments, and perform better in his conference. He is down but not out. He is too good of a coach to do otherwise.
Maybe this is what life will be like for Capel and the Sooners since the Griffin brothers are gone. With that early season ranking, it looks like some people understimated the impact Blake and his brother had on this team.
I told a friend at our game against them that didn't look anything like a top 20 team - - nor did Willie Warren look impressive (not just shooting-wise but in any other way as well). I know many of you are very fond of Capel and hope he does better, but this team of his will not be righting the ship...you don't lose to VCU, San Diego and Houston and then run through the Big 12. His at large hopes are already down the drain.
The Houston loss (100-93) wasn't that bad, and San Diego is a good team. They beat Stanford by 13. Stanford took Kentucky down to the wire and beat UVa.

Oklahoma has a bunch of home OOC games coming up. That'll get 'em some confidence. They're not like us, where a few early season OOC losses makes a big difference because of the conference we play in.
No doubt the current OU 3 game losing streak takes some of the shine off our win. But considering all the variables #3gone, new coach, etc..the OU game was still huge. Especially for the players whom I am sure needed this after WMU.
The STU may have crushed the psyche for the Sooners. They'll go home and beat up some OOC teams and get their groove back. They are top 4 in the Big 12. Depending on how VCU, San Diego, and Houston do from here on out will determine how much damage this streak does to OU's March dreams.
They'll get better and better as the year goes on. Remember that Jeff took over a program that was in pretty rough shape and had them in the Elite 8 last year - pretty sure the guy knows what he's doing .......
Nevada is probably better than Oklahoma currently though based on the "Houston" comparison - let's hope our guys are as ready tonight as they were for the Sooners........
Jeff has done a nice job at OU, but seriously, he wouldn't have had that much success if it were not for 1 recruit...Mr. Griffin made that team the last couple of years. I respect everyone's opinion on the topic, but the team Jeff brought to the Stu last week was not an impressive squad. They are not going to get into the dance IMO.
What's with all the OU sensitivity? No one is sending them hate mail or anything. They're just really bad.