OU wins ugly over Louisiana-Monroe


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Feb 12, 2009
If I were an OU fan, I'd be very nervous about this weekend after how they played tonight.

Sure they won, (by 11 at home against Louisiana-Monroe)...but there's a couple of ominous signs coming out of that box score...

1) They essentially played 7 players deep if you discount Andrew Fitzgerald's 8 minutes of PT. Their starters plus 6th man Cade Davis played virtually the entire game (Willy Warren 33 minutes), Steven Pledger scored 8 points in 16 minutes.

2) Tiny Gallen...3 points, 4 fouls, (10 rebounds though) in 27 minutes. The guy played great against Mt. Saint Mary's, but OU's bigs (Tiny, Fitz, and Wright) combined for 9 points and 14 rebounds tonight.

3) Home court advantage? Who knows...maybe ULM really was fouling a ton...but 23 to OU's 9? OU scored 24 points at the stripe to ULM's 9 (the deciding factor and then some...)

They better be ready for a battle Saturday... Playing in front of a rowdy sold out arena thousands of miles away from your own campus, against a team full of guys who can hit the 3 and a potential NBA lottery pick (especially when you're the ranked BCS squad and they are the "mid-major" playing with nothing to lose)...is going be night and day from their first two games...
I'd like to think we're 10 points better then UL-Monroe

should be a helluva a fun watch, though
The roof is coming off the stu saturday. They better bolt it down extra tight.

Before the game, Everyone make sure that you remind Willie Warren how much our backcourt sucks, and how the 14 NBA scouts in attendance will think he's a complete fraud if he scores any less than 45 points on us.

No pressure Willie.
For four years I emailed Jeff/VCU/others at VCU for a game with ULM when I worked there....nada. Now Jeff and OU end up playing them.

Happy OU beat them considering how f*cked up ULM is.
From the OU boards....
Capel said during the postgame that they didn't expect ULM to run a diamond press. He also said depending on which Sooner team shows up at VCU Saturday, it could be a long day.
that game does scare me, atleast they dont have Maynor anymore
I agree that a tough road loss is not a bad thing for this team. I'm just hoping that loss happens at Gonzaga, not at VCU (minus Maynor). Watching Gonzaga last night I am not sure we will fare terribly well.
They don't have a lot to worry about. There's no shame in losing at VCU.