Parker gone!

It's interesting just how quiet it is on the ODU board(CAAZONE) regarding Parker signing an LOI with UC. They were posting fast and furious on both their board and ours when we lost Grant, Eblen, and for a while Joey. Could not rub it in our faces enough.

I wonder how Jablomi, RR, and some of the other miscreants feel now.

They should not take it too hard -the kid just woke-up, that's all!
I suggest we show restraint and not stoop to their level...
Yeah we should try to hold back now. After all Jrod is back which was the main thing they jumped on our back about in the first place (along with losing our coach). We don't have to rub it in their face because its still probably bothering them.
Let's be fair here.

I recall on the Zone that posters from other schools were generally very supportive on the thread related to Grant's departure. I recall two posters that tried to rub it in, one from ODU and one from GMU.

I would not generalize any group of fans based upon posters that have since been banned from the Zone.

Parker was a great talent and would have been welcomed by any CAA squad. However, in light of his recent actions, ODU and the CAA may have much better off without him.
Yeah- No need for me to rub any of that in on them.... it's never good, I guess, when a CAA school loses a big-time talent. We need to all rise. But yes- it is always nice when someone gets the pay-back they deserve. And that's not all the ODUers- just a few. So this is pay-back for them I guess.

Anyway, the real focus needs to be on wreaking the havoc that we've been hearing about- on the sweet little clam-cats, and on the basketball court. They have been dreaming for the last 3 years of what it would be like to run all over top of us, without Eric Maynor and A/G. And now that they are both gone, and since most of their people can obviously not see past Maynor and Grant, and do even a reasonable analysis of our team, they think they are going to roll all over us- TWICE. The sweep. And blow-out type stuff.

So who cares about Jaquon Parker? As far as I'm concerned, I want our men to do all the talking, and all the walking, on the court this year. And I hope the staff gets this 40-minutes of heck / wreaking havoc thing going- big time. Darius James, and his comrades for that matter, do not like it. And neither do most of the other CAA schools. So let's go get em.'
Relax guys! I don't think anyone on these boards is generalizing and throwing to the curb all or even a substantial number of the supporters of any particular school.

As stated, there were a couple of REAL problem posters and several more not far behind. These people effectively ruined the CAA board in my opinion. Were some of them banned - yes. but in reality it was simply too little, too late!
Agreed. This is much more enjoyable. Sour grapes over there, and a constant urination-fest. This is much better, thanks to not having those same trolls that you are talking about.