Retiring Larry's #1

No offense to Larry but this honor should only go to 4 year players with their degree. He was a great basketball player for us and I hope he gets a shot at the NBA as he will be a good ambassador to VCU. This young man has matured while at VCU and beyond and presents himself with dignity and respect.
Absolutely NOT. No way. Ridiculous to even consider it.

Look at the retired jerseys. Duncan. Henderson. Warren. Maynor. All of these players have one thing in common: They gave you 100% from the second the ball was tipped..... until the final whistle blew. And most importantly- EVERY SINGLE GAME - and not just in the games that you felt like showing up for. No way in God's beautiful green Earth Sanders deserves to be on that list. And I'm a fan, although this post may not reflect that. I hope he gets drafted high in the first round, and I'll be rooting for him as hard as I can. But come on. Really? Be serious.

If he becomes an NBA star, then i wouldn't doubt that the athletic dept did something like that for a pub stunt. But no way he earned that while at VCU.
Hypothetically speaking....if he becomes a pretty successful NBA athlete, do any of you reconsider? If he becomes a star do you?
I think it certainly made a difference in Henderson's case.
I think he would have to earn his degree in order for it to even be considered. Based on his career at VCU I would say no, but as some have speculated a successful career in the NBA could change that.
VRam said:
I think it certainly made a difference in Henderson's case.

HOW SOON THEY FORGET! Gerald was an excellent player during his tenure and a key figure at the beginning of VCU's renaissance. Gerald had a major impact on the program. According to the VCU website:

"Led the Rams in scoring his junior and senior seasons after finishing second on the team as a sophomore... Helped Virginia Commonwealth post a 24-5 record in 1977-78, leading the Rams’ to their first postseason appearance in the National Invitation Tournament... Posted the third-highest field goal total in Virginia Commonwealth history with 682 career baskets... Ranks second in school history in steals per game with a 2.13 average ... Still holds the record for most steals by a junior (55)... "

Larry was a good player but really what impact did he have here? He is being drafted for what he can do not what he did at VCU.

If we do retire his number it will be a mistake. However, that will be an administrative decision. I would vote no (that is if I had a vote) regardless of what he does at the next level he didnt do it here. However, we did retire E. Maynors number while he was still a student and we hadnt done that before either. So much for tradition!

Maybe some soft AD wanting of attention makes the decision. I can think of at least 12 guys who deserve the honor before we even consider Larry. Not saying all 12 deserve number retiring but they all are more deserving than Larry

Phil Stinnie
Chris Cheeks
Edmond Sherod ( former NBA)
Rolando Lamb
Dominic Jones
Nick George
Kenny Stancil
Sheron Mills
Ren Watson
Bernard (super nard) Harris (former NBA)
Jesse Dark (former NBA)
Bernard Hopkins
If Larry does earn his degree, if Larry has a productive career in the NBA, if Larry much like EM continues to return to VCU and, most importantly, if Larry drops serious cash on VCU and the athletics program then count on his Jersey in the rafters and, perhaps, even an honorary degree of letters or something.
Even if he stayed next year and got a masters degree I don't think his career warrants a jersey in the rafters
rammad90 said:
HOW SOON THEY FORGET! Gerald was an excellent player during his tenure and a key figure at the beginning of VCU's renaissance.

I was lucky enough to see Gerald play at VCU. He was an excellent player, but that and one NIT appearance doesn't normally get your number retired, unless there's more. In Gerald's case, there was a lot more, most of which happened later.