Returning players, old time posts for fun


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Apr 5, 2009
Hope all players, recruits and transfers are back for a awesome 2010 season. Someone in the know said Skeen and Saunders on the court together will be like nothing the CAA has ever seen-go Rams.

I've been following Ram basketball since day 1-remember when we couldn't fill Franklin Street Gym, but think it was full the night in 70 when we beat Minnesota during Christmas break. Remember Len Creech and Keith Lawson?
We didn't have enough basketballs for those two.
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With all due respects, IMO...just a gut feeling, based on Coach Smart's resume I don't think he's gonna be as successful as our past two hires. Coach is definitely super intelligent and can communicate well which helps in recruiting but can he do his Xs and Os. I'm a RAM for life and I hope he proves me wrong. I'm predicting a 18/19 win season next year. We are in need of an impact 2 or 3 guard to help Larry. I'm less concern w/ the point honestly.
I think Capel was about as unproven as they come, IMO. Not to mention watching that guys X and O game was almost irritating. Many a games I was completely mystified with what his gameplan was. I think we are overly strong at the two spot. Frankly I don't see a weak spot there. Maybe the PG... but truthfully, not even there.

PG - J-rod/Eblen/Smith
SG - Rozzel/Gavin/Nixon
SF - Bradford/TJ/Ndongo
PF - Skeen/Saintil/Hinton
C - Sanders/KP

darn, now that I have typed that out...I might be super confident in our team the next two years!! :D :D