Rodriguez returning to VCU

VCU still has one scholarship available for next season. Smart said it's "50-50" whether he fills it or waits until the following season.

Did have an interesting last couple of sentences.

He must feel comforatble with the team as is if he'll wait until next year to fill it. I say if an exceptional talent falls into our lap sign him up. otherwise wait until next year.
This is old news, but it's the first time published in the Times-Dispatch. And Ramathon's thoughts are an interesting take.
I totally agree with Thon.' If we get a shot at a big-time baller, then by all means- sign him. If nothing particularly special shows out, this late i n the game, then wait, get the program in a comfortable state, and next year sign 3 big-timers. Maybe then we go for another guard, a big-time scoring wing, and a big man.
We should seriously think about pursuing another big man.....Sanders could be gone after next season...Smart should be proactive with last scholarship even though it is late in the game.... :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:
I agree that we definitely need to start thinking about the next good big-man- especially since they are typically much harder to come by. But we should not sign a big, just to be signing a big. It has to be the right guy. not a Sam Faulk or Renardo Dixon type. Let's make sure we go get 3 good players with the next 3 scholarships we use. That way, we can continue the positive trend, and momentum VCU basketball has been on over the past several years. We are in the position to do that now, where Capel, Grant, and other have not necessarily always been in that position. We have always had depth issues- in the front-court particularly. So I say big is fine- but not just any big, and especially not this late in the game. If there isn't a good one available, then wait and use it next year. Besides, I think Larry will finish out his 4 at VCU. I think he is going to need to if he wants to be a lottery pick.