RTD: As usual, VCU-Geore Mason was also a musical battle

We won twice tonight. No doubt about it, band rocked.
It’s a good thing the George Mason director doesn’t take off his clothes, too. He looks too good already

that and the fact that no one wants to see his liver spots :lol:
Down the stretch, when it mattered most, two two things energized the Rams, Brandon's threes and the Ram fans. It was the band that energized the fans. By the way isn't that what a pep band is supposed to do?
We can't give the Pep Band enough credit for what they do. The way they energize the crowd and really create the atmospere is truely remarkable. Round of applause!!
Thank you. I can not give the kids enough credit they are BAD ASS!
the RC sucks as far as acoustics but the ram band sounded tight. GMU was confusing sounding as Pav wrote on the white board "out of sync"
Anyone else noticed the GMU fans tried to chant during our band's time allotment. glad to see the ram fans were a tad more classy.
Did you notice how Mason's band was being amped up through speakers next to the band? The UVA marching band also does this at their football games. Canyou imagine how VCU's band would sound if they were amped up like that? Time to blow the roof off!!!