RTD: Rodriguez looks to return to VCU

Rambunctious said:
Geez. :roll: Rodriguez will certainly have a chance to play for $ somewhere if he completes his 4 years of ball at VCU and continues to improve in the process. It'll be overseas, but it's still professional. I would wonder more how he'll be able to deal with being THAT far from his family rather than whether or not he can actually play overseas.

The haters and ridicule on this board (about one of our own players no less) are starting to make it resemble the zone. Maybe some of you should lay off the guy - - at least 'til this stuff clears up.

everybodys cool
no one has crossed the line
you guys just have PTSD from
being on that other site :mrgreen:
constructive criticism?

the coaching staff has printoffs of posts from here and the zone that they use in practice? Coaches saying "hey even though we're glad to have you back, and you may well start, annonyRam3000 says you should work on getting into the lane."? I hope not.

It's only constructive if it's used by the criticised party to improve, otherwise it's just the expression of opinions. Nothing wrong with expressing an opinion, but it isn't necessarily useful or constructive

^^why artram is one of my favorite posters^^. that's good stuff.

shaka (reading a transcript): "hey freshman, buckwheat says you need to protect the ball better, but don't worry, he wasn't overly critical about it"

freshman: "who's buckwheat?"

shaka: "a tall skinny white guy who follows the program closely. friend of stymie. pal of farina. big fan."

freshman: "wh....huh? i'm confused"
Hey, I have followed this program for a lot of years and I don't recall any other player stringing VCU and the fan base along like Joey has. Posters on these boards are within their rights to criticize Joey at this point. He created this situation and part of rejoining the team and returning to school is dealing with the fall out. It's like taking your girlfriend back after she "cheated" on you. Gaining our trust again is going to take time.

For his sake, if he does return, I hope he doesn't pull these antics again. Personally, I'm a bit concerned on how he may react if Theus beats him out for the starting PG position some time during the year. There is definitely no room for him at the 2 guard this coming year.