RTD: VCU proves it can adapt in win over UR


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Apr 19, 2009

Until proved otherwise, the theory on beating the VCU Rams men's basketball team was to handle their full-court pressure, slow their fast break and make them run their halfcourt offense.

"Otherwise" was proved last night against the University of Richmond.

VCU had no fast-break points. Richmond had four. VCU had 10 points off turnovers, Richmond 11. VCU had four second-chance points, Richmond seven.

"Any time you lose the best player in your program's history, I don't care what position he plays . . . and also someone who was such a terrific leader and did so many intangible things, it's going to take a long time to fully replace that," VCU coach Shaka Smart said.

"And you don't do it with one player. Over time, you figure out how to play and win without him. We're a team in transition because we're trying to figure those things out. Sometimes, like the first half, it looks like we're a long way from figuring that out. Other times, like the second half, it looks like we've established an identity for this new team."

Last night, at least, that was the case.
U of R's fast break Defense is ridiculous. They are just never out of position. What heart Chris Mooney's team has.
Well, people keep trying to diminish what we have done so far this year, and we keep right on proving people wrong.

Beat Oklahoma? Oh, they are not as good as people say. Sure, want to bet where they end up the year? They are now 7-3, and have won 5 in a row.

Beat Rhode Island? Down year for sure. Wait, they are 7-1. Yes, the one is VCU.

Beat Richmond. Don't even start. They are good and will compete in the A-10 for it all.

We could end up having beat two or three RANKED teams before the end of the year. This is the best that we have ever done OOC that I can remember.

And Mr. Skeens will start playing next week at Tulane. A guy I am told is better than anyone on the court when we practice.

db that article is dead on (did i just say that?). The first half we looked like we were standing around waiting for maynor to do something, no one was stepping up (TJ some), and we just looked horrible. But the problem is we didn't have eric in the game lol. 2nd half we found ourselves, started asserting ourselves and we turned out all right. We really are a team still in transition.
The Spider faithful are suffering now and second guessing not only Geriot but the coach. They are still throwing a few digs at VCU as always but overall they have been pretty good sports. In the pre-season many of them said they would bury us. Remember the famous quote: "We will bury you." Does anyone have a shovel?