RTD: VCU's Recruits Show Promise of Strong Impact


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Apr 19, 2009
Shaka Smart talks about the recruits a little more in this new article from the RTD. He reiterates that they are only freshmen and may not necessarily make an immediate impact, but is extremely excited at their prospects of keeping VCU winning at a high rate.

Their immediate impact may be sporadic, as is often the case with freshmen and newcomers. But Virginia Commonwealth basketball coach Shaka Smart believes the long-term potential of his incoming recruits will keep the Rams winning at a high rate.

Of Goldsboro, N.C.'s McCarter, Smart said this: "If you're just going straight by highlight tapes, he's the most impressive guy."

"Reddic and Haley are the type of big guys that you really, really like long-term because they're late bloomers," Smart said. "Reddic has just continually gotten better and better. . . . When he was a sophomore, he basically sat on the bench. His upside is terrific and even more exciting because he doesn't have a lot of experience yet. We know that he'll get it, and when he does, he'll have a pretty sharp learning curve."

Smart wants players who can run and press. All of the recruits fit that style, he said.

"I think sometimes when you talk about recruiting, for someone who's following a program, it's easy to say, 'Wow, these guys are going to come in and change everything,'" Smart said. "That's not the case. These guys will impact our program in a positive way. They will add a level of talent at certain positions. But the returning guys we have, if we're able to win the CAA, those are the guys who are going to play the strongest roles."