Saintil leaves

Jan 25, 2010
This is disturbing, and worse for us than Djongo,Gavin, Brown, or Kearse (maybe not Kearse) leaving in the last 2 years[ The bigger our program gets, the more head-cases want to play here. We need more Jesse Pellot-Rosas.
Hey, cut the guy some slack...

it's his third post...

and he broke some major inside news with it...

Did anyone hear that Randy Corker isn't coming back for his senior season?! :shock:

What's the deal? Who has the scoop?!
Speaking of the former Jeff Capel recruit from the Cameroon via Florida, Franck Ndongo enjoyed a solid season at NCAA D-2 Augusta State, Ga. The transfer (listed as junior) averaged 4.2 points, 3.4 rebounds and saw 14.3 minutes playing time per game.

In the NCAA quarterfinals in Springfield, Mass., the ex-Ram forward had one of his best outings - 11 points, 10 boards - in a 67-64 loss to Bentley. Augusta finished 29-4, 18-0 at home.

Franck-furter's younger sister, Christelle (who prepped 08-09 at St. Catherine's), is on soccer scholarship at VMI; she played 805 minutes last fall for the Keydets.

You could form a fair to middlin CAA outfit of ex-Rams for 09-10 - Saintil, Kearse and Ndongo up front, with Brown and Gavin in the backcourt.