Seahawks to miss top scorer?

Nov 2, 2009
Since being named interim coach following an embarrassing loss to Hofstra, the Brooks Lee-led Seahawks have lost two straight games. However, UNCW was in both of those games and even limited VCU stud Larry Sanders to zero points in 19 minutes. However, finishing out the rest of the season, UNCW may without their top scorer.

Brian Mull of the Wilmington Star News reports that Chad Tomko (13.3 ppg) could miss some games with an injured left ankle. The junior has worn a protective boot the last few days. "I just looked at him in the locker room - it doesn't look good," said Lee.

Without Tomko, it will be hard for the Seahawks to muster any semblance of an offense. Even with Tomko in the lineup, they are the worst CAA club in terms of offensive efficiency, scoring well under one point per 100 possessions (95.6).
Wow, things get even worse down there. Isn't Matt Wilson out indefinitely with a broken clavicle as well? He's a 6'11 freshman big that showed some promise.
so it was Tomoko that shut out Larry :D
VCU4LIFE said:
For real Morris, why the love affair with the Dub??

These are from Rumor Central on ESPN... If you don't have an insider account, you can't read them. I figured the snippets relevant to the CAA or VCU, people without an Insider account would be interested in reading. Unfortunately, I have yet to see them ever mention VCU. I think the ESPN love affair with UNC-W lately is because they were a once prominent team that's looking for a coach.