Sheron Mills 1993 Rookie Cards for sale


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Apr 19, 2009
For any old-school VCU basketball junkies. I found these Sheron Mills 1993 Classic Draft Picks cards online going for 81 cents brand new. It's Sherron Mills going up against Louisville's Dwayne Morton.


Pretty much a bargain for a rookie card of one of the better VCU big men to come around. Here's the link if you want to get one:
Like people are just going to have an extra 81 cents laying around in today's economy. :lol:

Great deal!
One of the best to ever wear the black n gold. Power moves inside, shot blocker, decent mid-range jump shot and could run like a deer. He and Kendrick in the front court was a thing of beauty to watch.
Agreed. One of the best VCU's to ever shoot through here. A fantastic player, and oh what fun to watch- especially with Kendrick by his side. I'd be salivating, and all over this rookie card.... because it is oh so cool. But I've already got one...... thanks to my man, rammed! 8-) For others out here. The card really is super-cool. You guys should grab one.
I have that one.... along with my Ed Sherod card with the Knicks, a Gerald Henderson card with the Sixers, and of course.... a few cool Eric Maynor signed cards. Good stuff.