Sirin or Evans?....

Apr 22, 2009
....or someone else?

I like Sirin because you can't coach height and he is doing well without a lot of experience...but I like taking local kids, especially athletic ones.

Who else we after?

Guys thanks for the new we just need to get Bighorn in here.

I am out on the west coast, used to talk to PAC10 assistant coaches a lot (one lived across the street) but my sources have waned a bit, and are mostly focused on this region.

FWIW, one assistant I talked to said he would never take the VCU job...but he would want UNCW of all places, and maybe Madison. I don't think he could make it work at either place.
did he say why he was opposed to taking a VCU job?
Unless he is one of the top up and coming assistants he wouldn't be ABLE to come to VCU.
both..sirin for this year...send Green to fletcher at FUMA..he will mature there....have green next year
My friend the assistant said he would prefer to be in a "college town" where the school is the main event. He said he would not go to ODU, GMU, or VCU.

He has been an assistant at both ACC and PAC10 programs and wants to try to land a HC job somewhere in the next few years.
No problem with that 88Ram.

I'd take Sirin for the same reason as all...Evans is questionable.
I looked at the Georgetown roster...pretty full. Hopefully we can compete with the other schools on that list. the dept chart for a 6'9" kid looks pretty good at VCU and the competition is pretty good.
Is the de-commit from Florida (Painter) out of the question?
I remember Sirin was mentioned weeks back on the zone....I'm glad we're still in the mix for his services. The melting pot that VCU is, I'm sure Shaka can rustle up a few Turks to make him feel a little more at home.

Evans may be a better fit elsewhere....seems like too much baggage and may not be ready for the rigors (and temptations) of D-1 life
vcurams said:
Is the de-commit from Florida (Painter) out of the question?

We have no chance with him. He's likely going to Virginia Tech. He was at their spring football game last week.