so i got pretty lucky


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Apr 20, 2009
man oh man was europe a scene the last couple of days. my wife (strange to say) and i were on our honeymoon in rome/florence this past week. we had heard a few whispers about the volcano explosion, but never really knew how bad it was until two days ago.

apparenty rome was one of the only working airports in much of that part of europe. not only that, but all trains were completely booked up. we ran into one american who took a 17 hour train from vienna, only to pay $7,000 for a plane ticket back to new york. another couple on our flight bought the last two tickets, which happened to be last minute first class, and paid $10,000 apiece. four guys from chicago desperately trying to get home paid over $5,000 to get a private driver (remember, trains were all booked) from northern italy to rome.....and these were just the people who managed to get a flight. most americans were completely stuck. some how, some way, we actually boarded our scheduled flight and made it home with no stress other than a few long lines.....and here i was thinking that the 5 photos i stealthily snapped behind the guards back in the sistine chapel would bring me bad karma. ;)

and oh yeah, go to rome and/or florence before you die. just do it. amazing.
maybe you should have sold your tickets for 10k a piece and taken the 20k and stayed an extra week. You could have told your boss that you were stuck in Rome and could not get home. :lol:
funny you mention that. the same exact thought crossed my mind yesterday. thing is, you can't so much "scalp" plane tickets. the ticket still had my name on it, and it wouldn't have been possible to transfer it over to someone else. the airlines basically make it so they are the only ones who can mark up and sell the tickets for a profit.

believe me though, if it was possible i would have strongly considered it.