T-Man on the road to recovery


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May 1, 2009
Ram Fans...Terry Sisisky sent us an email the other day to let us know how much he appreciates all the support he has received from his VCU family over the past couple of months. T-Man said in the email that the doctor's are very optimistic that he is going to make a full recovery. He also said that he plans on becoming a season ticket holder next year for VCU Men's Basketball and doesn't plan to miss many games at all. Each note he receives from VCU fans, former players, coaches and alumni lift his spirits tremendously. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers but know that he is doing well.
This is wonderful news. I look forward to seeing the T-Man back at the SC on a regular basis.
Does anyone have an address to send cards and best wishes to T man? If so, could you post so we can all send best wishes to T man.
Best wishes to you T-Man. Take your time and get healthy and strong for your basketball viewing pleasure this season.

Please take care.
I generally lurk in this area, but was so moved I had to post on this one. From a true Monarch fan, I too had prayed for T-Man's recovery and was real happy to see this news.

Best in getting back, Terry. Hope to hear you smokin and cookin real soon!