The best player on the court was...

Jun 17, 2009
Didn't see the usual post game best player thread posted for the UNCW game so I thought I'd throw it up. Great "entire" team effort (literally). Good to see Burgess geting his game back on. I have to remind myself he is only a sophmore at times. Gavin still searching for his offensive touch but working hard on the defensive end...he looked a little tentative on a couple of open threes he should have taken (especially with the lead we had) where he chose to drive to the hoop. Still see him getting down on himself a bit. Great to see everybody getting some minutes yesterday. Hopefully this solidifies the "team" concept.
I vote for the 4 or power forward position. TJ, Jamie & Terrance combined for 37 minutes, 8-14 from the floor, 8-10 from the line, 0-1 from the arc, 24 points, 18 boards, 6 assists, 1 block, 2 steals, 5 TO's nice production... I realize they were on the floor at the same time but I still like the numbers from the position.
Go Rams
Beat the Huskies
Great all around team effort!! At first I questioned Shaka's defensive strategy, he had Rozzell on Tomko and Joey on the larger guard but hey it worked, Rozz took Tomko out of the game early.

I also noticed a different press, more of a man to man press I don't recall seeing that version of havoc before last night. Less of the zone press that everyone has figured out how to break. Let's hope this defensive intensity carries over into tomorrow night.
I give my vote for Brad, BUT after watching the recap; video this morning. Lord Farquade ruled the kingdom yedsterday. His intensity was fantastic and that Def rebound was awesome to watch. "My Ball"
Joey you got my vote. Inspiration to all us vertically challenged. :D
I would vote for Skeen as he really set the tone early yesterday with his great stretch very early in the game and it was a blowout from there. if they give him more touches down low he could easily get 16 and 10 a night.
My votes go to Larry Sanders for setting the tone defensively and JRod who in 20 minutes played high octane defense, scored 11 points when he was open and directed the offense efficiently. 5 assists, 2 steals and ZERO turnovers. That's leadership my friends.
I did not post this cause...I was not at the game! :oops: Family outing...

Just reading and hearing about the game I could see where several players should be listed...I was shocked when I heard the score at halftime - I actually thought it was a mistake.

Great win RAMS!

VCU4LIFE said:
It was an offensive rebound....

I think what he meant was "def"

def (def)
SLANG excellent; first-rate

a la Def Jam Records 8-)
Whoooosh said:
I think what he meant was "def"

def (def)
SLANG excellent; first-rate

a la Def Jam Records 8-)


Thats what you are!
greg3434 said:
That girl shooting for pizzas. She had a decent shot. :)

She was the best non VCU player on the court that day. Whoever you are, thank you for the pizza.