The Hunt for most interesting team in the world: #49 VCU


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Apr 19, 2009

2. He’s not just saying that, either. Speaking of those players, the Rams should have the horses (confusing animal metaphor!) to wreak that promised havoc. Though they lost a bonafide star in Eric Maynor, they return almost everyone else, including 6-foot-11 forward Larry Sanders, whose 18 points and 20 rebounds in last year’s CAA conference tournament final marked his official breakout. Forward Jamie Skeen transferred from Wake Forest at the end of 2006-07, where he started 24 games. Point guard Darius Theus is earning early raves, and Joey Rodriguez, Maynor’s right-hand man in 2008-09, returns as well. This is a team with serious talent, even after losing an NBA draft pick. Not too shabby.

3. Fitter. Happier. More efficient.
There’s an argument to be made that while Eric Maynor was a star, he wasn’t the most efficient of players; his effective field goal percentage ranked him a mere No. 430 in the country, much lower than his go-to status would infer. And Maynor was a go-to player: He was No.13 in the nation in percentage of possessions used, and No. 40 in percentage of shots taken. Maynor’s loss will hurt, but perhaps a more balanced Rams attack means a slightly more efficient one. Or maybe not. Either way, worth watching.

The last quote is quite interesting. Perhaps we will see something similar to the 06-07 season after Nick George left, which I think is a comparable situation (with the obvious difference being Eric was a better player).
Agree. Nick was great, but Eric was outstanding. But I am looking forward to see what Larry can do during the season.